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Electronic Voting Technologies

What is electronic voting?. Electronic voting is a type of vote which is done through electronic systems. Electronic voting also known as e-voting has include on its technology optical scanning vote systems, punched cards and voting kiosks which includes transmission of ballots and votes via Telephone, Internet or Private computer networks. This voting kiosks include a self contained direct recording electronic voting system also known as DRE.

There are two types of Electronic voting which can be identified as: e-voting which is supervised physically by independent electoral authorities or governmental representatives like the machines at polling stations and Remote electronic voting is where the vote is not physically supervised by government or independent representatives like voting from a personal computer, mobile phone or television via the internet also known as i-voting.

A Voting machine is the combination of electromechanical, mechanical or electronic equipment which includes its software, firmware and the required documentation to program control and support equipment which is used to count and cast votes, defined ballots, to display or report election result and to produce and maintain audit trail information. This machine is able to provide the voter immediate feedback such possible problem as overvoting or undervoting which will result in a spoiled ballot. This machine has different levels of security, usability, accuracy and efficiency. The first voting machine made was mechanical. Now the most common machine use is electronic. Certain machines may be more o less accessible for voters. The Chartists were a political and social reform movement in the United Kingdom. They were the one’s who had made the first proposal for the usage of vote machines in 1838.

Nowadays Electronic vote has become more popular around the world. Some of the countries which uses electronic and vote on line are: United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Romania, France, Venezuela, Philippines, The European Union, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Romania and United Kingdom. Electronic vote is very accessible for individuals with disabilities. They have the ability to use joysticks, earphones, Sip and puff technology, foot pedals, etc. This machines have touchscreens which can display the information in several languages and voting choices in audio for visual impaired voters. This features make voting more easier and comfortable for people with disabilities.

Vote on line is a type of remote voting which can be done using the Internet through a mobile phone or personal computer. Since 1997 there is a law which allows American astronauts the ability to vote from the orbit. The vote will be sent directly on a secure email to the Johnson Space Flight Center and it will be delivered to the astronauts home counties. A few manufactures of this electronic machines for voting on the U.S are: Hart Intercivic, ES