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E-voting in Canada

Electronic voting has been introduced since the 1990s and provides a faster, more secure and accurate way of managing votes from the population, which is very important in any type of election, whether it be for a specific law within a town or when it comes to the election of the president.

Canada has also implemented the electronic voting system along with other countries in the world permitting it to make another step forward in the world from an economical and technological point of view compared to many other countries.

The e-voting option has been available in Canada for the last two decades in cities and the system is gaining territory across the nation. Provincial areas are also included and the expansion of the Canada e-voting systems is also scheduled to touch all rural areas in the future, as well as the cities.

When it comes to federal elections it seems that Canada still uses the paper ballot method, even though they have the technology to back up this system in a more electronic way by using the special direct electronic voting systems. However e-voting has been made available to the people of Canada by means of the internet, which is a great plus for them.

The Canada Elections Act is behind all national elections, and electronic votes will be permitted sometime in the near future, but only if the process will be approved by the House of Commons and the committees of the Senate.

In Canada there aren’t electronic voting standards to this date because of the law that is yet to pass allowing the entire country to use the e-voting system. The Canadian voting system is still in discussions and it is very possible that in the future there will be an electronic voting process at the base of the elective system.