Electronic Voting History

The electronic voting is not a new invention, it has been present since 1960 when the punched card system appeared and was used on 7 different counties in US for the presidential election of 1964 and nowadays it had became a very practical way of voting.

There are some different kinds of electronic voting methods, one of them is the Direct Electronic Voting System (DRE) which records votes by means of a ballot display provided with mechanical or electro-optical components that the voter need to active like buttons or a touchscreen, then the software process the recorded data and stored in a removable memory as a printed copy. The software also allows to process multiple reports that can be obtained with the same data and then sent to the main offices.

This kind of electronic voting system also provides a solution for the blind and deaf population as it includes a series of accessories that allows any person with a disability to vote on an easier way, the electronic machines can use headphones, sip and puff, foot pedals, joy sticks and other adaptive technology to provide the necessary accessibility for this community.

In these days, voting systems like the Public DRE had to be developed as the motivation on the people is on the floor. The idea behind this new electronic voting system (or e-voting) is to encourage the people to vote with the great feature of not even have to go outside their homes to vote.

It is very handy the fact that they can vote from their smart phones, internet and even their smart TVs and that is something that any voter will appreciate. In fact, that feature was mentioned by Peter Ryan on a workshop called “Internet Elections: The Voters’ Viagra online ?”, where he describes this new kind of voting as the inspiration that the voters needed to change and lower the absenteeism that many countries are experiencing all around the world due to the lack of faith on their electoral procedures and candidates.

In the past few years some movies and television programs have heavily criticized this voting system. Criticism has been directed to the anomalies and irregularities of this system, with some examples of these films being Men of the year, Runoff and Hacking democracy.

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