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Electronic voting is introduced in Kazakhstan

Electronic voting is introduced in KazakhstanThe new stage of democratization of power is brewing in Kazakhstan – the introduction of the electronic voting system “Sailau.” The theoretical project of the automated system was developed by the Joint Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. For the development of “Sailau” it has been allocated 100 mln. tenge (about $ 730 thousand.). Application software was developed by Kazakh companies “ALSI”, “Search INC.”, “Delta plus”.

Schematically, the network will look like a star in the center of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan (Astana), from which rays diverge as it feeds. Data transmission from the electoral commissions in the CEC will be implemented through dedicated channels (without internet access) to the national operator of the OAO “Kazakhtelecom”.

On a place, in polling districts, the voting scheme will be as follows: a voter comes to a polling district with an ID card, on which a barcode is labeled. To verify if a person is in the database of the district or not, his ID card is passed through the terminal.

If it is included, the indicator is lit. The voter is given an electronic newsletter. He goes to the voting booth. There all scheme of a voting procedure is drawn. On the bulletin in Russian, Kazakh and English names of the candidates are shown. The voter chooses the name of his candidate and clicks on the button “for”. After that the indicator is lit – a voice is received. When the voter comes out of the cab, the representative of election commission takes his electronic bulletin, places it in the computer, clears and transfers to the next voter. Exactly the same machine will be used for outbound e-voting.

On presentation the chairman of the CEC Z. Baliyeva emphasized that the system “provides expeditious obtaining information, impossibility of access to change of results, openness, transparency” of voting procedures. The presentation of the model which took place in March of this year is the first stage of implementation of the automated system of electronic voting, the CEC head said.

The total project cost is estimated at $ 4.2 billion. Tenge ($ 30.5 million).of them in 2004 was allocated 1.9 bln. Tenge ($ 13.7 million.).

As the correspondent mentioned, the conclusion of the safety and effectiveness of the “Sailau” will provide only Kazakhstan specialists. International experts will be rejected.