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Electronic voting in Ukraine. Part 2

Electronic voting in UkraineRead the beginning of the article here.
Electronic voting system is widespread worldwide. Voting online is also very popular among European and other countries. Election through electronic voting is a new step in the progress. It is already practiced in major developed countries, but what can we say about Ukrainian Electronic voting system and situation?

In the case of taking advantage of means of electronic voting, it is important to give voters the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the account of their voice. In the case of an audiovisual confirmation or parallel fixation of fact of voting on paper, the voter still has the potential to remain in doubt that his vote was cast for a particular candidate or party. The possibility of remote verification of results of the voting is always arousing suspicion in the possibility to manipulate these results. And in general, the question of the legitimacy of e-election depends on the degree of confidence, especially to its organizers. The state in such cases must not only eliminate the risk of manipulation, but tampering of electronic voting as well.

An important element of the e-election is also widespread use of hardware and electronic voting software. Both the first and the second tend to fail from time to time. In the history of other countries numerous cases of false pass of votes and incorrect their accounting has already happened. The software records and counting can conceal from elementary mistakes of the developer and up to all kinds of undeclared capabilities.

Thus, while the risks which were described above will not be effectively removed, and to the authorities by providing the organization and security of electronic expression, will not be shown unconditional trust, it is not necessarily to discuss Ukraine’s transition to electronic elections seriously. At the same time, there is no other way, and the following elections can and should be carried out in a mixed mode, for example, at some test sites. Confidence in the results of e-voting will increase each time, as soon as they will comply with the election results of the classical paper technology.