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Influence of The Press in E Voting

The popularity of the press and the media within electronic voting. Electronic voting or e-voting is simply a new, better way to vote in any type of election. The votes and ballots can be counted and numbered correctly this way instead of a piece of paper that could get lost or a few that could get overlooked. Like regular voting with ballot sheets, e-voting will need to be supervised as well. But seeing as technology is definitely king now ,electronic voting seems inevitable and quite helpful and a whole lot easier than the old type of ballot voting actually. The press can have a huge influence on the way people choose to vote. The press could definitely change the way you view one candidate or another, it could be favorable or not so much. It all depends upon if you will let the press and media influence your own decisions. The press has major opinions about the new popular way to vote as e-voting. The press may not necessarily want people to vote this way as they feel some cheating may be involved. They would do anything to slander the idea of e-voting or do anything to improve the idea of electronic voting. The is a ton of press out there and some may have a favorable or good opinion of electronic voting whereas others may not like the particular idea of this advancing technology. The press and media will do anything in their power to make one idea look good or another look bad. And during times like these you have to be a firm believer in one thing or another or your whole opinion could change after seeing one commercial or one newspaper article that the press has printed up. It all depends upon what exactly you believe in about the e-voting and what you want as the voter in the elections.