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VPN in online voting

Today you can do whatever you want through the Internet. You can even pick a president online. This issue bothers not only political scientists but also information security specialists. Has our civilization grown up to entrust government elections to computer networks? Or the Web is still too vulnerable to the technical and political manipulation?

The reliability of e-voting is always on the agenda but the answer is not so obvious. On the one hand, we live in an age of advanced technology. One such technology is the VPN. It is used throughout the world. Many global companies use a VPN connection for their work on the Net. But it is also widely used by individual users.

Imagine that you are sitting in an Internet cafe or any other place with Wi-Fi coverage. You text with your friends, send and receive mails, make online payments via debit card – is it safe? If you do not use a dedicated IP or a secure connection, your activity can be monitored and your data can be stolen. You will not know that your signal is captured. The fraudsters can withdraw money from your card or use your personal data for their own purposes. If we talk about online voting they use your vote for vote rigging. How to avoid that?

Use a VPN connection! It allows to stay anonymous online on the Internet. You can use it to connect securely to a remote network, voting program or any site via the Internet.

What is the benefit of VPN for online voting?

In simple words it provides a user with a secure encrypted tunnel to the server providing online voting. The user can be sure that his data or vote won’t be stolen. A proxy server and dedicated IP will protect user’s data and online work from interception.
If we analyze the question of online voting from this side, then even e-voting can be considered safe.