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UK wants to introduce online voting system

UK wants to introduce online voting systemThe Guide of the UK Electoral Commission proposes to reform the electoral system of the country, so as to avoid a crisis in the conduction of fair elections in the nearest future.

It is expected that within the framework of reforms an electronic voting system that will attract young voters will be set up in the country. It should be noted that the percentage of voter turnout in the United Kingdom is decreasing from year to year.

The Electoral Commission is considering different options for reforming the voting system, including the option of full online electronic voting system, which, among other things, would allow voters to register on the lists on the election day with the help of special voting machine.

According to experts, young voters refuse to participate in deciding the future of their country, because their way of life has changed in recent years, while the voting procedure remained the same as 100 years ago.

In particular, the British young people less and less want to take part in the too stuffy and bureaucratic system of registration of voting.

By the way, in January 2014 during the presentation of the candidates for mayor of the city of Izmir, Justice and Development Party, which is ruling in Turkey, for the first time in history has used holographic 3D-image of the current Prime Minister for political agitation. It is mentioned that online electronic voting system in the UK will be concentrated on the biometric voting system.